Did you know that repurposing your contents is one effective way of increasing your site’s traffic?

Yes, this is one powerful strategy many smart bloggers are using to build more influence, more authority and more traffic without having to write new contents or even spend a dime in ads

You have most probably written this great content sometimes in the past and people really loved it, it offered value and brought you lots of traffic. But now, that same post seems to be without life and value, little or no traffic is coming through from it again

What do you do in this case?, it is a time for you to repurpose that great content

May I ask a few questions?

How about coming up with new, fresh and unique content for your blog posts all the days of your blogging career?

Easy? Possible?

My answer to the above questions is No

But can I keep on driving traffic and building authority to my blog without having to create new contents?

Easy? Possible?

Hell yeah

Very possible. This you can effortlessly achieve through repurposing your contents

Look! accept it because it is true. Nothing could be more tasking than creating new contents all the time. You can literally break down, it consumes time and effort but you can always gain more momentum with your old contents.

In this post, I will carefully walk you through all the amazing benefits for repurposing your contents

I will also guide you through 3 major effective and powerful ways of doing it to get results that you desire which is ultimately more traffic and authority

Stick with me


Repurposing your content or blog post simply means re-packaging an already written post to perform the role of meeting a new audience

Hubspot gave a more elaborate definition, it says “When you repurpose a piece of content, you’re doing one of two things (or both): changing the format of the content, and/or changing the target audience for the content.”

The above definitions says one thing, which is basically wearing a new or different clothes to your old written post in other to suit the preferences of some.of your audience


I think the above headline even makes too light the power and benefits of repurposing your contents.

This is because it is not just important but a necessity to grow your online presence, So you might as well be commiting a major blogging mistake if your are not already repurposing your content

1. Repurposing Your Content Saves You a Whole Lot of Time


You just started out your blog and inspiration is all over the place, flowing like a good will stream. You keep on pushing contents all over the place in your blog (Infact high quality ones)

Cool, I mean why not ! You have all the time to create your blog contents, cause that’s what is still facing you in your blogging stage now.


But a time will come in your online or blogging venture when your blogging tentacles will be spread. You will be overwhelmed with imperative tasks staring you boldly in the face and calling for your attention like a baby to her mama

Days of replying mails, sending out newslaters to your list, coaching newbies in the business, organising webiners, etc

Days when you will realise how 24 hours is much like 2.4 hours

When these days come, you will simply have little or no time to keep creating new and high quality contents everyday or frequently as you used.

But you still need to engage your loyal readers and subscribers. You still need to keep them happy by creating values for them

So what do you do in this tight case?. Simply resort to repurposing your contents

Change the format of the same old posts, This you can do by either creating podcasts, video series, slide presentation, PDFs, etc and spread to the platforms where these repurposed contents fits perfectly.

Creating a new content can take a whole lot of time and effort, so this strategy of repackaging into different formats your already written contents will save you a whole lot of precious time.

Note however that if you spend as much or even more time repurposing your contents as you do when creating an entirely new one. The aim of this formula would have been defeated. Ensure you are always on the right track

2. Repurposing Your Contents Helps you Reach a New Audience.

reaching a new audience is one aim of content repurposing

For the simple reason that some of your target audience have preferences for a particular way of getting to learn or know about a particular thing, repurposing your contents becomes highly necessary.

For example, because I prefer textual and video contents, if you want to reach me as a reader of your blog and all your contents are on podcasts format or infographics. It will be very difficult for you to pull me through to your blog.

However, if you reformat that same content to a video or textual content, It will be very easy for you to reach me.

What the above scenario means is this. You have a huge audience who are interested in the content of your blog and these audience have preferences spread across different format of getting information.

That is to say, though you have huge audience interested in your contents, not all of them are interested in your format of dishing out these great contents

Thats when repurposing your contents comes in. Yes by way of reformatting that your great contents to reach new audience that have particular liking and preference to that format.

This will ultimately announce you and your blog to another sets of audience which ultimately means more traffic to your blog

3. Repurposing Your Contents Helps You Make the Most of Your writing Efforts.


If you are a serious blogger who is good at creating high quality and engaging contents, you certainly know the amount of time and effort you spend creating one such post.


After creating it, you always feel happy, satisfied and proud for creating such an epic post, but does it end here


The aim is not just to create great post but to get people to read this post. In fact, that is the ultimate goal

So you actually need people (from hundreds to thousands to even millions of people) to read this this post, to see and appreciate what great effort and work you have put in to provide such a great value

And consequently turning most of these people to your customers and subscribers

But there is a problem,

Some percentages of your potential audience may not have penchant for accessing or getting information online in the format or platform you have originally prepared your epic post (say, textual format)

What do you do?

You repurpose the content in form of infographics, videos, online classes, slide presentation, PDFs etc to reach everyone with different demands

This is you making most of your efforts by making sure it gets to all the people who this post is meant for or targetted at. So anyone who missed or was unable to get your posts in textual format can get it in videos, infographics, webinars etc

This will consequently make all your hard work and effort in creating the content originally, pay off

4.Repurposing Your Contents Improves Your SEO


I believe this one goes without saying because obviously,the more you increase your online presence in the form of different formats like like podcasts, videos, PDFs, etcs. The higher the chances of your site’s visibility in the eyes of google.


1. Syndication

This is the act of releasing your blog contents through a syndicate to be broadcast or republished through multiple outlets.

A blogger who is not syndicating his great contents is leaving a huge traffic on the table and preventing his post from reaching a new audience

“OK this is great, so how do I get the platforms to republish my posts?

Hold your peace, I will always always fight for here Lol

Medium is one of the most powerful platforms where you can repurpblish your blog posts or share your syndicated contents to reach new audiences and ultimately attract more traffic to your blog. Others include Social Media Today, Life hacker, Mashable etc

Wait !

Scared of being penalized for duplicate content? Worry not, Just make sure you have a canonical tag on the republished version so that your syndicated version won’t be seen as the original

3. Creating Visual and Audio Versions of Your posts

Because a percentage of your audience may not love to read. It will be a great disservice to leave them behind. You got to create the versions that these sets of audience love and are used to. Below are different formats to reach your new audience

Infographic : Simply a visual interpretation of information or data inform of collection of imagery, charts, minimal texts etc. some of your audience may be those who love to access their info in this format as it is easy to skim through


Videos : This is basically converting your blog post into videos by way of you summarizing your content and directing them to the original post in your blog or using a special software to convert your text to motion pictures. This will reach another new audience that love videos

Webinars: Simply a live meeting, presentation, or seminar that is conducted via the internet. This is another way of reaching a new audience as such format may appeal to some percentages of your audience

Podcasts: This is simply a digital audio file downloadable in the internet and usually made available in series for subscribers. This is a growing strategy most smart bloggers are using to reach entirely new audience these days.

3.Creating an e-book of your blog posts

Creating an e-book is an effective, smart and super easy way for repurposing your blog contents. Just compiling some of your great posts that are related and adding it flesh here and there, you are good to go.

Like many bloggers and writers, you can self publish on Kindle Direct Publishing platform, make a cool passive cash and also lure readers to your blog

This is you killing two birds with one stone

But if your only purpose is to bring your book readers back to your blog, you may want to leave it for free to keep on driving traffic to your site. you can get details of Kindle direct publishing here

Other Ways of Repurposing Your Contents Include:

  • Publishing Spin-Offs
  • Turning Your blog posts into a newslater series
  • Publishing updates


In this blogging business, creativity and smartness is required to succeed. Republishing your content is one smart strategy that is necessary for every blogger who wants to grow fast in the industry.

There is no gainsaying that creating new contents all the days of your blogging career is an impossibility.

Even if you succeed in doing that and ignore content repurposing. You will still be loosing a huge percentage of your traffic.

Half of a yellow sun is a great story written by Chimamanda Adichie, When I first saw it, I didn’t want to read it because of the volume even though I knew the story would be interesting. I knew because I had read a couple of her books before

So even though I loved the content, I didn’t turn into her customer by buying it to read.

Few years later, this same story was made into a movie. I was one of the first people to watch the movie after its release. Until this day, I still watch it

That is the power of repurposing your content.

No matter how old that content is, as long as it is still relevant. Repurpse it

Your Turn

I see you taking action. Acting is believing. Have any concerns about the post, leave it in the comment box.

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    Content repurposing can be a nice blogging strategy for increasing blog traffic.
    It also reduces the hard work of creating a new piece of content every time.
    As you said, it is also a nice way to reach to new audience.

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