Being able to properly and effectively promote affiliate products is an uphill task for most affiliate marketers.

I am sure you must have known or heard before now that affiliate marketing is one of the cheapest and effective ways of making money online.

But did you also know that it’s one of the hardest (as cheap doesn’t mean easy) money making online venture if you don’t know your way around it

Affiliate marketing is said to be cheap to start as you are usually not required to have your own products. It is therefore relatively cheap to get started but hard to make money with as a beginner

That notwithstanding, In this post I intend to walk you through powerful and effective ways you can adopt to promote affiliate products

I guarantee you that if you follow the tips I will unveil to you in a short while. You will be making incredible income consistently from affiliate marketing as you would have learnt effective tips about how to promote affiliate products


Let’s move on

Affiliate marketing is not a new method of online business as it has even been in existence before these days of internet. It simply got better, easier and more lucrative.

A lot of tips have been developed to help make affiliate marketing interesting and a lot of affiliate programs are also springing up on daily basis

While affiliate marketing has been making people thousands of naira and dollars, a lot of people are still not making a dime from it.

They sign up to as many affiliate networks as they can fined. Still they make no money whereas some people make incredible income from just one or two affiliate programs.

The reason is not far fetched. They simply lack the knowledge of how to promote affiliate products. And since the success of this business depends on how many persons you can convince to click on your affiliate links. It becomes necessary that an affiliate marketer has to arm himself with the right information and knowledge of how to promote affiliate products

Without further ado, here are the three most effective ways you can successfully promote affiliate products. Let it be clear that these are not the only way but the most effective and powerful.

1.Social Media

Using social media can be one powerful method to way promote affiliate products as social media influence keep growing every passing day.

it goes without saying that every business you can think of today has a social media presence.

This is because that’s where the majority of the customers are. It is hence necessary to promote your business on there to reach enough adiendce and most likely turn them into paying customers


So leveraging on the power of social media such as facebook, twitter, instagram etc to promote affiliate products can give a new face to your affiliate marketing

There are many ways you can go about it such as

  • Writing post about the products in your personal facebook account
  • Creating an independent facebook page specially for your affiliate products and writing great contents about your affiliate products while embedding your affiliate links
  • Creating short videos about the products,
  • Running ads(the most effective and fastest) etc

Tips Of Maximizing Social Media To Promote Affiliate Products

Below are few tips to always follow if you ever intend to use social media as a way of promoting your affiliate products which I highly recommend

1.You should always provide value to your followers and not always appears like a sales person (if you are building page followership from the scratch). People hate to be told to buy things but give them reason why they should buy and they will. In simple terms, focus on your content and incorporate your affiliate links strategically

2. Use high quality pictures in your post and always ensure your pictures delivers part or most of your messages.

Social media users are the most impatient set of people. Be brief and concise. Pictures have away of getting the attention of people who would have otherwise ignored your post.

They won’t waste time in pictures that are not attention grabbing. Make maximum use of pictures to create visual appeals. This will go a long way to help you promote affiliate products

3.Make a high quality but short videos for promotion . Internet users are not in for long sermon. they love brevity. Also, they won’t think much of their data


Review sites are also one of the best place to embed your afflilaite links and promote affiliate products. Let me tell you a short story

Personally, I have had this long tradition of reading up plenty of reviews online about any product I want to buy. Funnily, in some cases, even long before I have the financial back up for the purchase. I have begun to read up reviews and making my considerations here and there.

This morning has helped me make the right and best choice of product as well as help those who create this product reviews make commission as I would ultimately buy some of these products from the review sites.

Setting review sites and writing product reviews can be one powerful way to promote affiliate products and one you should do well to incorporate in your marketing arsenal. Though some do this to build relevance and influence online. and others do it as a bait to attract traffic to their website.


Setting a product review site can be a walk in the pack. it’s just same as setting up a blog.

However, below are few basic tips you follow that will help you create products reviews that will consistently make you income through your affiliate products Introduce the product while making it clear what it is that makes the product stand out. This could be an attention grabbing incentives such as a bonus associateed with it or a discount that comes with it

After introducing the product, you proceed to outline key features of the product and then discuss extensively the benefits one will get with using such products.

You may also go ahead to outline the pros and cons while making sure that you make the pros outperform the cons (emphasizing more on the pros)

If there are other information about the product you needed to share, you can proceed to share it.

You must ultimately not forget to strategically place your affiliate links within the content of your reviews.This is how must people utilizes review sites to promote affiliate products and are making a killing from it

An affiliate marketer can decide to launch a site specially for writing product reviews but with the real intent of using the medium to promote affiliate products.

Others create a page in their already existing sites and dedicate such page for product reviews. The real intent still being to promote his affiliate product

Either ways, there are so many success stories about affiliate marketers making a killing just writing high quality reviews of products


Email marketing remains one of the oldest form of online marketing that is still very powerful today. It is what every serious internet markerter do to make money.

So every affiliate marketer who wishes to make most of his affiliate marketing should consider having an email list and use the list to promote affiliate products.

There is no limit to how much you can make from affiliate marketing doing this. I can therefore boldly say that email marketing is the blood line of affiliate marketing

What is Email Marketing Really All About?

Well, In simple and clear terms. Email marketing entails sending out commercials emails to one’s email lists. In other terms, sending messages with the intention of causing the recipients to take action such as buying a product, signing up for a training etc.

While An email list is the very targeted people (whose email addresses you have) that are interested in the the product and service that you are promoting


As an affiliate marketer who wishes to remain in affiliate marketing for a long time. Building an email list should be an utmost priority. This is because it is the life line of any affiliate marketer.

While there are other faster methods to promote affiliate products such as running ads. Email marketing remains the best. it is flexible, personal, cheaper and stays longer

Not all email lists are great lists. Some list contains dead email addresses. That’s why it is not recommended to buy email lists (it’s considered a black hat practice).

It is therefore best to build a targeted email list from the scratch. Although it takes time, but that will be the best decision you will have to ever make

The dream of every affiliate marketer is to have a reasonable number of targeted email addresses in his lists. Once you have this. I can confidently tell you that you can just promote affiliate products via the list and that will just be enough for you to be making incredible income monthly from affiliate marketing

Here is an example. Assuming you have up to 10,000 email addresses in your list which is quite small. You send an email promoting a product to them. Say, just 1000 people are interested and maybe out of the 1000 interested list, only about 150 of them buy the product.

If you get 10$ commission per sale. that’s around 1500$ you will make for just one product promotion.

Now You See the power of email marketing.

Email marketing remains a force to be reckoned with in an affiliate marketing industry. One which every marketer must strive to use to promote affiliate products


Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative online businesses you can ever think of.

Searching for and signing up for a high paying affiliate marketing programs is one thing, How to properly promote these affiliate products is another thing.

The above three methods I have given and expounded in the post here are not all.There are others ways one can promote affiliate products and succeed in it.

Such as setting up comparison sites, creating YouTube videos about the affiliate products etc but the above three are the best and most powerful.

Incorporate these three promotional techniques in your affiliate marketing and see a new face in your business

Your Turn

Get on board into affiliate marketing, use one or all of the three methods to promote affiliate products and smile to the bank every now and then

Now that I am convinced you found this post valuable. Proceed and share to your friends and family.

Sharing is Caring

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