Choosing a good web hosting company is a very crucial step in creating a website but can be a tough decision as many people have ended up with a web hosting company that frustrated the life out of them

But did you know that there are certain things you have to look out for and consider before choosing a web host?

The days of merely looking at just bandwith and storage capacity are long gone.

More so, there are millions of companies these days rendering web hosting services and priding themselves to be the best among equals.

Rrgardless of these many web hosting companies, deciding on a web host to go with for one just starting out could be mentally exhausting and emotionallly challenging.

No thanks to the myriads of review sites blowing trumpets and painting nicely every web hosting company out there.

Reading up reviews of different web hosting companies is a good step but most time these reviews end up getting you more confused than you were.

Consequently, I have prepared this guide to solve that problem of indecision when it comes to choosing a web hosting company for your blog or website.

Yes, I will walk you through all the important things you need to consider when choosing a web host

There is only one thing I guarantee you after reading this guide. And that is choosing a web hosting company will be the most relaxing and easiest stage in setting up your blog or website .

For the sake of clarity, let’s take a brief look at what a web host mean before walking though key factors recommended by experts for you to consider and look out for when choosing a web host


A web host or a web hosting service is a service that makes your website available and accessible in the internet for users all over the world by storing yours site’s data on their space called server. Any company that provides this hosting service is called a web hosting company

In simpler terms, web host does two core functions of providing space and providing access to your website.

Drawing an analogy, I would liken it to a landlord that rents you a store for you to display your wares. Where the web host is your landlord, the space provided is your store

I am sure if you had no idea what a web host or web hosting service was, the above explanation has made it clear enough.

Have you ever noticed that all physical stores do no have same size and control?. While some businesses require a large stores and more control, others require small ones and some in between. This is because of the scale of the business.

The same way, web hosting companies provides different types of hosting services to suit different size of businesses.

Below are the kinds of hosting services provided by most web hosting companies



Shared hosting is a hosting service where your website will be stored on the same server with many other sites. They share the same hosting resources with other multiple sites hence the name.


This hosting service is perfect for beginners and entry level website owners as the costs are relatively low. Most blogs use this service, not those with too many traffic though


This one falls between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Kind of offers the relatively low cost of shared hosting and some sort of controls of dedicated hosting

VPS is suitable for website owners that wants more control but still on tight budget. Though it has more control and space than the shared hosting. It’s still not perfect for huge sites with huge traffic base


This provides website owners the most control over the server holding their websites.

You have full control over everything but as would be expected, it’s very expensive

It is most suitable for website owners with high level traffic and some good budget. In addition, it requires owners with advanced technical know-how to fully control and customise it.


Just as the name goes, it’s provider manages everything ranging from the everyday management of the hard ware, operating systems and applications.

It’s suitable also for people who are not quite techy and loves to distance themselves from the day to day involvement in the management of the hosting


It’s a hosting service in which many computers work together and run applications using combined computing resources

The advantage of cloud hosting is that as a website owner, you only pay for what you need and there is smoother room for scalability

For detail explanations on these. Type in each keyword on search engine and consume as much info as you can

Having understood what a web host is and the different types of hosting services that there are. Lets jump right into the business of the day

Are you excited?

We move


Before choosing a web hosting company to host your website. You have to first of all decide on the hosting service. This you can do by asking yourself a very pertinent but simple question.

“What kind of space do I need for my site and what amount of traffic am I expecting”

That being said

Here are key things to look out for when choosing a web hosting company


This seems very obvious. If you asked me, I will say this is the factor most people are aware of and look on for the most. There is a reason for that

Choosing a web host that have a great uptime (period of time your website is live) is not an option, it’s a necessity
You don’t want your site always down as this has away of affecting your site negatively.

If someone constantly finds your site down, such person will simply start loosing credibility on your site. This will always have negative effect on your traffic as your visitors will switch to other sites in your niche


Again, if your site load is slow, it will affect your traffic as internet users are the most impatient set of people. They will simply switch over sites with good loading speed

Unfortunately, even the web hosting companies with the worst uptime and speed claim to offer the best Uptime and highest speed

How then do you find out?

Read customers feed back online. That is where you get the real info


Web hosting service is not free. The web hosting companies charge you for their service. The cost of this charge depends on your hosting service and hosting plan

So your budget is a very strong determinant of which web hosting company to choose. While some web hosting companies are popular for low cost. Others are notorious for exorbitant prices

Contrary to popular belief, more cost is not more quality all the time. Let the cost of your web hosting always be in sync with your set budget

Looking for a cheap web hosting that is highly reliable. I would recommend namecheap

Bonus tip : There are free companies offering free hosting services but like all things, there is nothing totally free as these companies provide that in exchange for ads in your sites and also some limitations

Knowing your budget is key here


If you are searching for a web hosting company to host your site, that means you are already a potential customer to a particular web hosting company.

Effective and speedy customer support is important to every customer. More so, if it has something to do with digital products. Effective customer service becomes even more important.

So it is expected of you that when looking for a web hosting company, you should find out about their customer support. This will come in handy fixing your hosting issues when you run into any

My recommendation is to chose a web host that provides support 24/7 to their clients and specially the ones you can have a life chat and telephone access with rather thansending emails

Great customer support has a way of keeping customers and clients relaxed and feeling like a king


Most web hosting companies these days have a trial period during which a customer can use or try their service and decide if he or she would love to continue or not.

While some requires your credit card info when signing up for the trial period, others do not. It is the experts recommendation that you go with the later.

If you eventually decides to upgrade to a higher plan, then you do it without an iota of doubt

Understanding fully the company’s refund policy in an occasion of cancelling your account within the trial period will be a good approach

Usually, a web company with a longer trial period with a full refund policy in cases of account councilation is recommended


The security of a website is and should be a top priority to every website owner.This is due to increase in cyber attacks in recent times.

A website with no good security is highly vulnerable hence one is on a safe side choosing a web host that provides good security


Nobody enjoys the feeling of having his investment to go down the drain as a result of loose security.

Even though there are other factors that contribute to sites security such as the platform the site is built on and the way it is built. A web hosting company that offers good security is a way to go


Because there is no guarantee of 100% security anywhere. Backups have become very essential for a website.

Yes, a bad day of either a crash, virus, hack or complete failure can hit your site even with all the security it boasts of having

This is why you must be on the lookout for a web hosting company that have a great back up policy

This will help you to always restore your site should there be any mishap

Having known this, a good web hosting company is the one that should provide your site regular backups, a feature to manually back up your website maybe through the control panel and restoring it and even a good ease in doing that


Reputation speaks a thousand words, it speaks volume. Needless to say, everybody feels comfortable working or doing business with one o a business that has good reputation.

Good reputation is an indication that the business is doing good at what they are doing and that customers are happy with them

When selecting a web hosting company, you should consider with the ones that have great track records. The ones that have built authority, credibility and have won the trust of their customers

This you can effortlessly achieve by asking questions and reading customers reviews and feedback

A customer will always say the truth about a service or a product he or she has used so they are the perfect people to pay attention to.

Bonus Tip. Those are the core things to look out for in a web hosting company but above all. Ask yourself, What do I really need?

Answer this question and every other thing will be a walk in the pack


Selecting a reliable web hosting company to host your site is not a walk in the pack. It’s a lot of work but I am sincerely convinced that this post have given you a map on how to go about it

Let me also state also that there are no best web hosting companies. It all. boils down to you. What you want, what fits your business and how much budget you have got

Do your own research following the above stated factors and give less attention to review sites as most of them are affiliates.

Reliable web host will always give you a smooth ride in your business

Your Turn

Are you about setting up a site or blog or are thinking about changing a web hosting company and found this post valuable.
Then leave a comment below and do not forget to share to your friends and family

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  1. Hosting is one starting point of every website. Choosing a good web for your blog will do you more good than harm.
    I made my first mistake some years ago choosing a nasty host, all in the name of cheapness. the host ruined me badly.
    They were terrible when it comes to support, they didnt care about backing up my content.
    Mistake happen and you learn, Reading through i wish i had this knowledge when i just started blogging.

    I literary accept your #3 Choose a web host that has great support.
    Thanks for sharing


    1. Hey Henry. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience with us. I appreciate your comment and I am glad you related with the post and found it useful.


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  7. Fantastic advice for anyone looking for a web host and for me too as I’m thinking of changing service in the future so thanks so much for sharing.

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    And the overal costs should be worth it.

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  35. Hello Onah,

    I agree with you. Performance, reliability and cost are main considerations while selecting a web host. In addition, we should consider the type of websites we wish to create. For instance, if all the sites are created using WordPress, it makes sense to opt for managed WordPress hosting over generic budget hosting.

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