So you want to drive massive and high quality referral traffic to your blog without spending a dime?

This is for you.

Getting high traffic in your blog is the dream of every blogger out there. The is the gold they keep searching for in the first few years of starting their blogs

Some go to the extent of spending good money and adopting all kinds of black hat practices just to make it happen.

Eventually, some of these blogs get fished out by the almighty Google and they are blacklisted for good.

Why all these striving for traffic?

Simple! Traffic (especially quality and targeted ones) is the life of any business, whether online or offline. So this means more traffic equals more money.

Having noted this. Then pops the most expected and crucial question

How do you achieve this feat of getting massive traffic to your blog even as a complete beginner?

Well, it is simply by learning and adopting effective SEO practices such as link building, perfecting keyword research, guest posting etc

The above sound and look very simple but I must be honest with you. It is more complex than it appears. SEO is a huge, tough and ever growing industry

You will need patience, time, money and consistency to make it work but when it works eventually, you will smile for good

If this is the case, what then should you do as a beginner blogger trying to drive massive traffic to your blog while you work on other Advanced SEO strategies?

Well, that’s why you are here. It is the question that I want to answer with this post. So relax as we take a few minutes to groove about it

Without beating around, the answer is referral traffic

What is Referral Traffic

Referral traffic simply means the type of traffic you get when people click on your site on a link to your site on another website (Same type of traffic you get from Pinterest, Online forums etc )

So would you believe me if I told you that there are two websites that can give you massive and highly targeted referral traffic for free?

Yes, you read that right. Completely For Free

I do not mean this kind of traffic. I mean that kind of traffic that you are looking for. Massive traffic

If this is what will excite you. Then stick around for the juice

How to Increase Blog Traffic for Free (The popular opinion)

You have often been told that if you want good traffic to your blog. You should :

Optimize your blog for SEO
Publish Quality Content.
Publish Frequently.
Promote your Content in the social world.
Do your keyword research.
Craft titles that can get you rankings and traffic.
Do some guest posting etc

These are all great and wonderful tips but here, I will show you two websites which when you take seriously and apply the above general tips. You will be amazed at the result they will bring

Two Websites That Brings Massive Referral Traffic To Your Blog

These two websites or online platforms we shall be exploring on this post are:

  1. Pinterest
  2. Quora


According to Wikipedia, Pinterest is an American social media web and mobile application designed to enable saving and discovery of information on the World Wide Web Using images on a smaller scale, gifs and Videos.

It was founded by Ben silbermann , and Paul Sharp

Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann in his words summarized Pinterest as a “catalogue of ideas” that inspires users to “go out and do that thing”, rather than as an image-based social network.

Enough of the background history. it was important you know a little though

Pinterest is one of the underrated search engines cum social media platforms that has recently begun to gather momentum.

As of August 2019, Pinterest has reached 300 million active monthly users.

This tells you how powerful and how much traffic this website has daily.

I do not intend to write all that has been written in this topic. so the purpose of the post is simply to tell you that it is in fact true what you hear about Pinterest and traffic

Also, to bring you in the know that Pinterest is indeed powerful if you never knew.


So do not be expecting a long read. Look out for a short but valuable information that will change your traffic for the better using Pinterest referral traffic

May I now cease these few seconds to show you a short stat?

With Pinterest, almighty Neil Patel was able to drive 10,000 visitors to one of his sites

Amazing right?

Stick with me

Anan Ryan used Pinterest to increase his sites page views from 100000 to 500000 all for free

Massive traffic. Isn’t it?

And all for free

The list of testimonials goes on and on

Also, I just discovered Pinterest recently and I have started experimenting with it and to be honest, I am stunned by the results

I will update this post to add my own data very soon but I do not have to wait until then to share this golden info with you

What this means is that you should start implementing this information as soon as possible even if you just launched your site today

Steps on How To Establish Your Presence In Pinterest

  1. Simply sign up for your business account and fill all the details required. (You can use your facebook account or email adress). And select interests that will be used to fill your home feeds
  2. Then carefully complete your profile as follows

Picture – You can either decide to use your business logo or your own personal picture

Business Name – This is the name of your account and experts suggest that you add what your business is all about, in order to reflect at first glance. Examples Prince Edwin blogger, Rita Jacob mini importer etc

Get the idea? Good!

Website URL – Goes without saying, this is where you add your sites URL.

Description – These are few lines of description of what you do or what your business or site is all about or stands for

When you’re done with this profile creation
Go ahead, create your boards, create pins, start pinning and repining

However there are key things to do to always maximise your exposure and engagement

Tips To Maximize Your Exposure And Engagement In Pinterest

Below are bonus tips to follow

1.Make use of high quality images:

Pinterest is more of an image-based social platform. So for your pin to get much engagement and exposure,you should always use high quality photos that are also well optimized.

This will ultimately make your pin stand out and attract more eyes and engagements on it

2.Use keywords in your pins :

We all know how important keywords are in the online space. Keywords are simply what terms your users are using to search for information about anything.

If you know the keywords searchers are using, then you would get searchers to your content by using those keywords in your content description.

So for more impression on your pins, always optimise your pin titles and descriptions with the appropriate keywords.

What happens when you do this is that when a user types in the keyword you used in Pinterest search box, your pin will be among those to appear.

This equals likely clicks on the link to your site and ultimately give you the targeted referral traffic you are looking for

Bonus Tip : Before creating your pin. You could use Pinterest Search box and search for keywords

How do you go about this?

Simple !

When you type a particular keyword in the box, Pinterest will suggest a list of niches and related keyword phrase ( just like google suggest)

Collect as much you can and creatively integrate them to your pins, titles, description and writing a content in your site with them

3. Join group boards:

This right here is another sweet and easy way of increasing your engagement and exposure in Pinterest.

Group boards are just like private boards your create and pin to. The only difference being that many people gets to pin in this board unlike your own private boards

If you ever know the value of an active facebook groups with reasonable number of members. You shouldn’t have a problem understanding group boards in Pinterest

Group board is a great place for faster exposure and traffic as every member of the groups gets to know when you pin to the group (if I were you, I wouldn’t play with this tip)

However, I must tell you that some group boards are more active than others.You must ensure to always join the boards with active members to get the most engagement out of it


Also I do not need to mention that you should join the board revolving around your niche( I just did) to get the most targeted traffic

A bonus Tip. Before you join any group boards, be sure to read the rules and regulations guiding such boards to avoid being butted out

When you religioussly apply the above tips, you and your site would sure smile to a massive referral traffic

You must not forget to PIN CONSISTENTLY as consistency is always t key here

Love this?

Onto the next one


Quora is one of if not the biggest question and answer site in the world. This means this site has millions of daily traffic

Basically, Quora is an online forum where internet users come to post questions and have their questions answered by fellow users who have a knowledge about the question or subject matters

Every blogger’s dream or major goal is to drive massive traffic to his blog and build authority.

So if ever the above two meets your target. then quora is a safe place for you

The beauty of quora is that whatever niche under the sun you are into. Quora has got a space for you to promote yourself, drive massive referral traffic to your blog and build authority in your niche

Secondly, you don’t have to spend a dime to gain the traffic that quora offers

Nonetheless, you have to bear in mind that for quora to really work for you. You have to have at least an average knowlege about your niche.

This is because your major role there is to provide answers to questions that people are asking.

What Kind of traffic does quora bring to your site

Same referral traffic as in the case of Pinterest

Steps To Follow On Creating Your Presence in Quora

Register on quora and complete your profile details.

Proceed to make selections of the broad areas that pick your interest. This way, quora will be informed on what kind of contents to show you

Then, let quora know about the topics you are knowledgeable about and can provide answers to.

This, you can achieve by simply typing the topics you want in search field. Alot of topics will be shown each with its followers.

The number of followers tell you how popular each topic is, so it’s recommended that you select the topics in your niche with high number of followers

With the above done, it’s time to complete your profile

Remember that your profile speaks volume of who you are, so you are expected to be detailed and niche conscious when filling it.

Let your profile strike credibility and trustworthiness. These two are key as humans tends to like someone with such qualities

While optimising your profile, don’t fall into temptation of talking more about yourself than about what you have to offer

How To Drive Referral Traffic With Quora To Your Blog

Your intent for using quora is to to drive massive and quality referral traffic to your personal blog but that’s not what quora was built for.

It’s basically for you to provide value by way of answering users questions, creating quality contents and also a place for you to get answers to the questions you may have.

How do you then achieve your target. Simple, aligning with the vision of the platform while being smart and creative.

The following tips will help you achieve your goal on this profile

  1. Creating A Blog in the forum

Yes You can create a personal blog on quora. Quora is that powerful and feature-rich

To do this, there is an option in the far right corner of your profile that says “blogs”. Once you click on it, you are good to go

Start blogging right on the platform and do it consistently. Needless to say, the contents you will be providing should be ultimately in line with the content of your personal website or blog that you plan to drive traffic to

Giving an instance, you don’t want to be blogging in quora platform about Football when your own website is centered on SEO if your intent is to drive referral traffic to your site.


All the topics in your quora blog should be centered on the things you talk about on your personal website or blog

This way, you will be demonstrating your expertise in your niche and also increasing your credibility and authority

Be careful however not to get so carried away in the platform that you forget to pay adequate attention your personal blog

2. Answer questions.

Now this is what quora is all about. Letting users ask and answer questions. If you do any of these, then you are on track with quora’s mission and they will be happy with you

But then you want to drive traffic to your site, so where do you come in?

Simple, 3 things :

Answer questions
Answer more more questions
Keep answering questions
Do not stop answering questions

The above became necessary for emphasis.

There is no other way to success in Quora than answering questions. It is the primary purpose of the platform.

Provide valuable answers to questions in your niche or related to your niche and watch your traffic skyrocket after a period of consistency and value provision

How do you find questions to answer?

Simply click answer on the top bar and look for good questions to answer.

I seriously recommend you avoid answering questions you have absolutely no idea about even if it’s in your niche.

The best is to answer questions you have written something related to in your blog before. This will encourage natural linking to your blog

Make your answers helpful, clear and conversational.

Remember the more answers you provide, the more exposure and visibility you will get. So the rule remains, “Keep providing helpful answers to questions “

How Does Your Quora Answers Or Activities Translate To Traffic To Your Blog

The idea is link to your blog in answers to questions you provide so that a reader can click on the link and be taken to your blog

But then, let me make this clear. Your linking to your blog in the body of your answers must be natural ( where necessary )

Linking back your site must be done with utmost care and intelligence so as not to appear to quora community that you are only there to redirect users to your blog (even though that’s your final target)

So on doing this, you don’t have to necessarily link to your blog in all your answers. Most times, provide answer just for the sake of being helpful.

When you eventually win the trust of users, they can even go to your profile to link to your site. The key thing here is to provide helpful answers consistently and link to your blog when necessary

In all, here are few things to recall

1.Provide consistent and valuable answers
2.Link to your blog naturally (when your answer is within the context of what you are linking to)

When you follow the above tips regiously, there is no limit to the amount of referral traffic you can get to your site


Yes I know how challenging it can be for a beginner or newbie blogger to rank his blog in the first page of search engines which will turn bring amazing traffic to the blog.

You will need to spend good time on SEO and even money most times to achieve this seeing the too many competition and high quality sites already in that position

So comes the question

Is there any hope or possibility of a new blog getting massive traffic?

I believe this post has answered the question simply and elaborately.

Pinterest and Quota referral traffic is your best bet. Many top bloggers are already expert in teaching and selling courses on how to use Pinterest for free traffic to your blog. Here you have it on a platter.

Quora, another powerful platform that top guns have been using for years. You shouldn’t take it for granted

The intent of this post is to show you the possibility of free referral traffic to your blog.

Go out there, take action and see your site grow in traffic

Your Turn

I was glad for discovering these platforms. If this feeling is mutual, please share this post to your friends and family

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  1. Really great tips! Pinterest and Quora can do wonders for blog traffic

    1. Glad you found the post great. Thanks for stopping by

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  3. I will start accounts on Pinterest and Quora today. Thanks a lot for sharing it with a fellow blogger.

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