Like I stated quite clearly in one of my previous post, there are many ways you can promote your affiliate links or products but in this post, I will be walking you through one of the fastest and most effective ways of making more affiliate commission using Facebook ads

If you are looking for customers to buy your products, it’s only wise and natural that you will focus on the location with high customer base.

Stats shows that Facebook has the highest users worldwide amongst all the social networks

This then becomes a very good place for business owners and affiliate marketers to promote their products and make good money

But there is a problem for affiliate marketers

The Problem

With the recent Cambridge analytical data scandal. it’s has become very difficult for ads containing affiliate links or promoting affiliate offers to get approved

So this became a serious problem for affiliate marketers who have found the great efficacy of using facebook ads in marketing their offers

And this discouraged alot of them.

You too, I bet you didn’t know facebook ads isnt in good rapport with affiliate links and you are feeling bad about it too.

Truth be told, I felt really disappointed when I found out about this but soon I was able to dig deep.

I found a way of still using the power of Facebook ads to better my affiliate marketing without linking my affiliate offers directly on Facebook

And guess what. This is what I have decided to share with you today and walk you through everything from start to finish

Excited about this?

Then stay with me


As far as social media is concerned. Facebook happens to be the top dog with an estimation of over 2billion active monthly users

This is why most media marketers consider Facebook ads the most effective paid advertising channel on the social network.

It seamlessly integrate it’s ads with users news-feed and this make it not disrupt user’s experience like in the case of YouTube

Also, users are shown ads relevant to their interest while they scroll down and feed their eyes with other beautiful pictures in their newsfeed

How To Use Facebook Ads

Just as I had stated earlier, Facebook generally frowns at most affiliate links. You have to be really careful to ensure that the products you are promoting is not one of those that Facebook restricts or prohibits.

So your best bet is to drive your targeted customers to another page called a landing page (which could be your website or a bridge page), not the product page.

However, Sometimes, you may not be satisfied with the conversion you get from these two methods and may feel direct linking to facebook ad will convert better.

It’s okay to go ahead but you must bear in mind that it is risky and may cost you some hard earned money. it is a game of chance

That being said. You may want to test whether an affiliate link is in good fit for facebook ad before going ahead to run the ad.

To do this, add the said affiliate link to a chat and post it on your profile in facebook.Check if the link is not blocked or if you didn’t get an error message.

If any of these happens, you may proceed to directly link your affiliate offer to the as as there is less or no risk of having your ad disapproved or your account completely suspended

Otherwise, you shouldn’t waste your time direct linking even if you plan to mask the link as facebook will still get to know.

However, if your affiliate link is not backlisted, it is still advisable to use link shortener etc

So having noted this this, let’s now come to the two best ways to promote your affiliate products using Facebook ads

  1. Using facebook ads to direct users to bridge page
  2. Using facebook ads to direct users to blog posts

Before letting you on these, let me tell you briefly what facebook ad is all about in few sentences

What Is Facebook Ads

Just as the name goes, Facebook Ad simply means advertisement done with facebook platform. These advertisement could be shown in News feed, videos, sidebars, FB messenger etc

One great beauty of Facebook ads is that anyone could actually partake of it no matter how small your budget it.

Then again, Facebook ads allows one to target and focus a particular group of people you want to engage with in your business based on interest, hobbies, location, income, age or employment etc

This is where Facebook has effortlessly defeated a lot of other advertising platforms

As an affiliate marketer today, you simply cannot ignore the idea of cashing in on this huge platform called facebook using it’s fastest method which is Facebook ads.

Already, you and I know that Facebook is big. No one comes close

Therefore, I can boldly tell you that there is an audience for almost every kind of products and services on Facebook.

While most people will tell you that Facebook users are not there for buying products and services but for fun and relaxation . I will tell you that things have changed and are still changing rapidly

People now go to Facebook to make purchase and have even gone extra mile using it as a search engine for products and services

If Facebook is this huge and it’s ads this powerful, then you can make most of it as an affiliate marketer.

Still with me?

We proceed


With the word bridge on it. I assume you already know what a bridge page is all about but for the benefit of doubt. Here is the deal

A bridge page is a page where you take your visitors to before directing them finally to the product page or affiliate page

So basically, a bridge page act as a connection between a lead capture page and an affiliate or sales page. It comes immediately after the lead page but before your product page

It is a very effective conversion booster that every serious marketer should use in his or her marketing stride

Why Bridge Page is Effective In Using Facebook Ads To Promote Affiliate Products

It can be used as a pre-sell page where you put up content such as images, text or videos telling your users why they are there, what they stand to gain and ultimately a call to action ( CTA )

Most time your affiliate link is embedded in this call to action

So instead of direct linking of your affiliate links to facebook ads which of course is not advisable as your ads stand the risk of being rejected. You link your Facebook ads to your bridge page embedding your affiliate link strategically there in

This is a very simple yet powerful method of promoting your affiliate products using Facebook ads without having troubles or air of doubt

Other than that, it gives you the opportunity to collect leads if you wish which you can repeatedly market to, provides you with space to pre-sell your affiliate products and really nudge your visitors brought by your Facebook ad into buying what you are offering

Using Facebook ads to drive visitors to your bridge page is one proven way many smart affiliate marketers have been employing to hit it big in the affiliate marketing industry

Nonetheless, I have to tell you that your bridge page has to be attractive, simple and clear enough in other to make people perform an action you want them to perform.

But if your visitors from facebook ads are not doing what you want, then work on your bridge page and improve on it

If you have decided to go this route which I highly recommend you should. You can create this bridge page with WordPress, leadpages or clickfunnels


One of the smartest and effective way of using facebook ads to promote your affiliate products is by using blog posts

Many find this strategy very tiring as it requires you to create compelling contents for your blog.

Reason for this I think is that most people do not understand the advantages of using this method to promote their affiliate products so they feel this is time consuming and may not likely achieve their purpose (which is making sale of their affiliate products)

On the contrary, this method can be so productive and even provide more than the intended value

This is why?

Why Integrating Blog Post With Facebook Ads Is Powerful To Promote Affiliate Product

A blog post helps you give value to your visitors and makes you not look salesy. If you didn’t know, let me tell you that internet people hates sales people. They don’t like people imposing sales on them

But when you provide value to them, provide answers to their questions, solve their bordering problems . They don’t mind buying from you. They even buy without knowing they are buyimg

This is why using facebook ads to direct users to your blog posts can be a very smart way of promoting your affiliate products

Blog posts gives you the freedom of adding as many affiliate links as possible in one blog post and most times, these affiliate links are embedded in hyperlinks that your users do not even know easily they are affiliate links

This is opposed to some other methods where it is so clear that you are selling to them and may not have the freedom of adding more than just one affiliate link

Facebook users brought into your blogs through Facebook ads wouldn’t suspect you of bringing them into your blog to sell to them and they may most likely buy if your content is highly valuable.

The mandate of Federal Trade Commission that bloggers should clearly disclose that they are affiliates makes it even more transparent

Also, one other reasons why you should use this method is that if you write valuable contents. Some of these Facebook users brought by your ads may fall in love with your blog and continue to visit it, even organically and this will continue to increase your blog traffic

If you have monetized your blog with ad networks such as Adsense. That will mean more chance of clicks which in turn means more money.

Also, some could opt-in to your newslater and this means your list keep building and you keep winning.

This is method you do not want to ignore for any reason unless having a blog is not your thing

I particularly use this method because of the many benefits it offers and if this interest you. You merely have to set up a self hosted blog. For detail steps on how to do this, you can read it from how to start a blog


Using facebook ads to promote your affiliate products is very much possible and highly lucrative if done well. If you follow this route I have outlind here , you are on your to a huge success with affiliate marketing.

More so, it’s you using one stone to kill many birds.This is because other than making affiliate commissions, you can get leads for your future marketing and also get traffic and new users to your site

Most interesting of all is that with facebook ads, you can target and bring only those who have high chance of buying the product(s) you are promoting.

Yes, it provides you the flexibility of targeting any kind of people and this is highly important as not everybody will be interested in what you are offering.

Facebook ads and affiliate marketing can be that secret combination you have been looking for. Here it is on a platter. Just take action now and smile soon

Your Turn

Having seen the power of facebook ads and how you can effectively use it to promote your affiliate products. I believe this post has been most helpful and valuable. If that is correct, then do share to your friends and family

Sharing is Caring

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  1. Wonderful I learnt a lot today.. Happy to visit this site..

  2. Thanks for sharing. I think that Facebook ads is kind of expensive. Do you think the commission we earn from affiliate products is enough to pay for FB ads?

    1. This is what I propose, you run the ads to capture leads and build your targeted email list rather than running the add to sell your offers.

      By the time your email list is grown. You can always promote your offers to the list repeatedly for free

  3. This is such a useful post. I’ve never done a Facebook ad campaign but I think I should look into it.

  4. This is such a useful post. I’ve never done a Facebook ad campaign but I think I should look into it.

  5. I started recently to research Facebook Ads. I keep on reading how important these are to push any product.

  6. I agree with you on the Facebook ads and so many ads are being re-directed to opt-in pages and I feel you get a better quality visitor if they take the time to read your blog before they take any action regarding your offers.

  7. Great points! I was wondering if the money you get from affiliate marketing is more than the cost of facebook ads. I tried facebook ads to sell some products for a while but did not see any positive result.

    1. It depends on how you go about it. I do not run advert directly to my affiliate links. Sometimes, I run ads to get leads that I would forever market to with no cost

      Other times, I boost my facebook page to get more followers that I would ultimately to into customers

  8. I’v learnt a lot about Facebook Ads today. With all the new rules they come up with everyday its becoming difficult to advertise.

    1. Very difficult I must say but we will always have a way of winning

  9. I have been running Facebook Ads for years and I know how rules have drastically changed after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. To be honest, it’s quite impressive what those people did and how they managed to manipulate masses of people.

    1. Quite impressive I must say. Thanks for relating with the post and sharing your wonderful comment here

  10. True, things got difficult after the scandal and I have done a couple of Facebook ads promoting, you got good tips and I’m sure it will be helpful. Thank you for sharing it.

  11. Thank you so much for this. I am new to all of this and this is super helpful!

  12. Thanks for sharing this. I used to promote ads on my Facebook page but haven’t done it lately because it is getting expensive there. I might try again in the future.

    1. Thanks. I agree with you on the aspect of cost. But then, it still pays off

  13. This is such a great post. I also use FB ads sometimes for collaborations and you offered great tips about it.

  14. I’ve been considering using FB ads to grow my business. Thanks for the extra tips.

  15. I want to learn how to use Facebook Ads. I have quite a few friends who are earning a decent pay with this. I will bookmark this post and read again later. Thanks for explaining and making it easier for me to understand.

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