Some would argue that your blog post headlines are more important than the content itself, others would argue the opposite.

But the simple reason that this argument exists tells you how important and powerful your blog post headlines can be.

Some writers spend the least amount of time carving out post headlines because they believe so much in the quality of their contents and conclude that the contents will sell itself.

While some others spend hours trying to come up with a magnetic headlines knowing full well that their readers will firstly judge their contents by the headlines

Truth is, the amount of time spent in creating a blog post headlines doesn’t really matter

Nonetheless, I have to tell you that I belong to the school of thought who believe that great blog post headlines are as important as the content itself

“Don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. I am damn sure you have been hearing that for years and somehow it makes sense

But right now, I am sorry to bust your bubble

In reality and in today’s world, people have begun to judge books by their covers

The simple logic is, if the content is great, why not make the cover great also. If you have written a masterpiece, what stops you from creating masterpiece title or headlines too?


Your blog post headlines are what sells your content. It is the first impression you create about your contents to your potential readers.

Because you don’t always have a second chance to make a first impression, your blog post headlines should be attractive enough to cause one to click on it the first time he or she is comping across it

If you have written a steller contents, how do you tell your target audience about how amazing that content of yours is. You can do this by simply capping these stellar content with a stellar headline.

Not convinced about the power of blog posts headlines?

Here is what Copyblogger say about headlines

“80% out of 100% people will read your headlines and only 20% will actually click on it and read the rest”.

So to make the most out of your content marketing, you have to be skilled at creating magnetic blog post headlines that people will be drawn to click and read

Because blog post headlines also have 50% effect on your entire content, it becomes challenging to come up with one. One that will do the job that headlines do, which is appealing to the sense of the readers and ultimately compelling them to click and read through

Want to become a guru in writing powerful blog post headlines?

Stick with me

Killer post headlines are like baits used to ensnare your potential readers. It is weapon any marketer or content creator should have in his or her arsenal. It can make or Mar your business.


Your blog post titles or headlines are what your readers will get in contact with for the first time and not your epic content.

Because of that, it therefore says whether your content will be read or not. So to help get eyes on the high quality content, you have to be exceptional in creating killer post headlines

Below are proven tips to writing killer headlines

1. Your Headlines Should Be As Targeted As Possible For Your Audience

For every product or content created, it is created to serve or offer value to a particular group of people. These people are what you want to refer as your target audience.

So when you create contents for your target audience, you must know and care about their needs in order to offer the value that meet these needs.


You are not expected to provide value or satisfy the need of everybody but a selected group of people. So grab it when I say no matter how epic your content is, it is not for everybody.

While some people will praise you and sing you praises for your effort, it will make no sense to some other people. For that reason, you should always create stellar contents that will offer value to your target audience

But the big question is, how do these targeted audience get to know about this amazing contents of your?

Your blog post headlines or titles. Simple!

Yes, when your blog post headlines or titles reflect the people such posts are meant for, then you should expect plenty of reasonable traffic.

The dream of any content marketer is get his readers or audience to do any or all of three things

  1. Subscribe
  2. Make a purchase
  3. Sign up for a course

If these are true, you don’t just need traffic but targeted traffic that are most likely going to convert, this is why your headlines should also be targeted as possible to meet your intended audience

2. Employ Words That Suggests A Promise Of Benefiting Information Or Solution

People are constantly looking for information and solutions to problems every now and then.

So it becomes a wise trick to use words in your headlines that conveys to your readers a promise of getting an invaluable information from the content of the article or words that promises of answer to a pricking query and solution to a bothering problem

For example,

7 things you should know before going for an interview

The above headline somehow suggests that inside the content lies great information that will be beneficial to you if you read it. As one who is hunting for a job or probably preparing for an interview. You would find it hard to resist such headlines

Another example,

“How to fix a your android phone”

This one above uses words that tries to suggest a promise of a solution to a problem. So knowing the right words to use is a great skill in carving a great headline. Don’t be afraid to be creative with the use of words

3. Include Long-tail Keywords In Your Headlines

Keywords are those key terms that your users are using to search for information, solutions to their problems or answers to their queries

Long tail keywords are known for performing better than short keywords because they tend to carry searchers specific queries. More so, it brings the right traffic that will most probably take action on your blog

So, when you include clearly and creatively long-tail keywords in your blog post headlines. It will draw the right attention to your content.

For example

“Writing a great blog post”

“How to write a great blog post that will attract huge traffic”

In the above blog post headlines, the second is most likely going to get the most targeted traffic.

Why is that? You may ask

It is because it contains long-tail keywords and as well offers a promise that the first doesn’t offer. So in creating you blog post headlines, never underestimate the power of long tail keywords


1. “HOW TO” Headlines

This is being considered the oldest and still one of the most powerful form of blog post headlines. Articles and blog posts with such form of headlines have appeared in most of the biggest publications in the world

While most people think ideas are awesome and opinions are beautiful, they believe ideas an opinions have no concrete values that transcends time.

Consequently, humans tend to naturally gravitate toward articles that help them do something. So to get people attracted to your content your post headlines should have the role of letting these potential readers know that you can in fact teach them something, solve a problem in more practical and concrete ways.


The “How To” Headlines have many simple but effective forms which they can take

How ( Key Phrase)

This is a direct and most simple form of how to headlines. it is the most common and still very powerful


  • How to set up a WordPress blog
  • How to treat acne
  • How to succeed in any job interviews

How To Be (Key Phrase)

Because human beings are always looking to improve their status (career, academics, endeavour, behavious), this one works well

This form of headlines tends to teach how one can attain a particular position or achieve a desirable traits.


  • How to Be a positive thinker
  • How to Be Interesting
  • How to Be More Productive on Social Media
  • How to be a successful blogger

How To (Key Phrase) Without (Key Phrase)

This very one employs psychology to play on your mind and it works. From the beginning of time, man has always desired the easiest way to achieve his goals,. This is what this type of blog posts headlines tends to exploit

For instance, you may love to design and develop websites but you hate to write codes because it is usually difficult to. So when you see a blog post headline that goes thus:

“How to create a website without writing a single line of code”

I doubt if there is anything that can prevent you from clicking on it to read. That’s where this form of blog post headlines becomes useful, necessary and suitable.

It tries to let you know that you can achieve that goal without going through the known long process or the general norm

On the other hand, it let’s you know that you can do something without passing through an experience that is associated with that action or get the result of the action


  • How to get backlinks without guest posting
  • How to loose weight without exercising
  • How to invest without fear
  • How to treat headache without medication

How To (Key Phrase) and (Key Phrase)

This one is a “how to” headlines that promises you two things which are mostly related. It is also another common headline used everyday by writers


Such blog post headlines are usually very hard to resist as it promises are usually attractive

How to (Key Phrase) In ( A Specified Time)

This is one that most times doesn’t make sense to the rationale mind as it tries to promise near impossibilities.

It promises you that you can do sth in a particular period of time which you naturally don’t think you can do it.


  • How to create a blog in 5 minutes
  • How to make $1000 dollars from your blog in 2 days
  • How to loose weight in 7 days
  • How to get a flat tummy in 2 weeks

Funny enough, these headlines are so powerful as they are highly irresistible. Internet users who are always on the rush looking for the easiest way to achieve an end wouldn’t ignore such headlines

2. LIST Headlines

Internet Readers are the most impatient set of people. They love to read quality write up but in a concise way. They love to take away key terms

So list headlines tell them what is in stock for them, it has a way of making their reading experience easier, smoother and more organized because lists are great ways of organizing information

Listing is something we do everyday. We relate very well to it. We love it. It guides our actions. Gives us an inkling of what to meet upfront or what to do, so technically much of our daily lives revolve around numbers


This is why list based post headlines are so popular these days. It has a way of making readers believe they won’t spend much time on the article yet they will grab the key themes of the post


  • Top 10 writing tools every blogger should have
  • 3 powerful lessons from a man who cannot move anything but his face
  • 7 blogging mistakes every bloggers should know and avoid
  • 5 tips of becoming a great programmer
  • 13 things you probably didn’t know about digital marketing
  • 5 writing trick that you are not using but should be using

Because internet readers are popular for scanning, skimming and skipping, list headlines usually catch their attention. So, a blogger who cares about the traffic of his blog should explore these form of blog post headlines


Sometimes it is cool to come up with an interesting but unusual headlines that keep people wondering and guessing what the post has in stock


  • What your sleeping routine says about your career
  • How dating is more like worship
  • What your phone says about your personality
  • How addiction is more like romance

People hardly overlook such blog post headlines as they most times come vague, throw them off balance and arouse their curiosity

They are more like teasers that play on the mind of the people and keep them wondering what they stand to learn new or a secret that is about to be divulged to them

The “DID YOU KNOW” Headlines

This is the form of blog post headlines that prompts curiosity and employ intriguing words that mostly suggest to readers a twist in what they knew or thought about a thing


  • Did you that the Fulanis are not Nigerians
  • Did you that Cashew fruit can naturally fight Diabetes and stroke?

Such blog post headlines often tells you that there is more to a single story or knowledge to something you thought you knew

BONUS Headlines

This is another effective form of blog post headlines that are known to draw the attention of readers. They tend to employ key words that make a reader feel favoured and lucky.

These words are so powerful that readers feel it will be a great miss if they don’t click on it. sometimes, these kinds of headlines pose like a saviour


  • The beginners ultimate guide to mastering wordpress
  • Revealed. Get your Google Adsense approved instantly
  • Warning. Do not drink cold water immediately after meals
  • Alert! A new income program has hit the internet

These kind of gives you a bonus reason to read and makes you feel bad when you don’t read it


Your blog post headlines play a vital role in the success of your blog. They are the determinants of whether somebody will click your article link or not

Making your headlines catchy and rich is not an option in your blogging career. it is a necessity and a skill that must be mastered

In this business, your headlines which is a symbol of cover will determine if you will have visitors, then the onus in keeping them is on the content but can you really keep whom you have not drawn in?

Your guess is as good as mine

Content is the king but your blog post headline is the Crown. A king without a crown is a useless king.

Thanks for great online tools like Coschedule headline analyser that you can use to create amazing headlines

Go out there, make your best first impression to your target audience by creating that magnetic blog post headlines

Your Turn

Now you have read through, I know you found this post invaluable. Start creating great headlines today and watch your writing get more readers. Don’t forget to share

Sharing is Caring

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