If up until this point in your online hustle, you have not made any dollar online as an affiliate marketer, then it is time to consider launch jacking

I have never been happier sharing a life changing business secret as I am right now sharing this one

What I am about to reveal to you is a very simple and effective online hustle capable of making you thousands of dollars every month if you take it seriously

The beauty of it is that many people are not into it maybe because they do not know it exist hence the very minimal competition

If the above is the case, it is therefore safe to say that this business is even perfect for beginners

It is called Launch Jacking


Launch jacking is an online marketing method whereby a launch jacker take an advantage of a yet to be released product by writing a review of it to get online customers when the product is finally released .

In simpler terms, it’s a kind of affiliate marketing where you promote products that are yet to be released

Who is a launch Jacker

What a launch jacker does is basically to take maximum advantage of the buzz and traffic. of a new product to earn commissions as affiliates

He goes before the product launch and talk about the product by way of reviews.

This he could do by either creating a new site centered on the product, writing reviews on an already established sites, creating a highly optimized YouTube review video about the product, creating a social media page for the products etc


I believe you’re beginning to get an idea of what launch jacking is all about, but I still want to make it clearer. You can not afford not to understand very well this secret model few people are using to make cool cash in their pyjamas

For example. If a product creator is about to release a product in the market that’s called “Dark Spot Remover ” .

You go ahead to buy a domain called darkspotremoverreviews. com and you begin to talk about this product in the site by writing quality reviews about it and placing your affiliate links strategically in the review posts

Or Create a very sharp and optimized video review about the product and upload it on your YouTube channel making sure to get the keyword DarkSportRemoverreview in your title and description


When the product is finally launched or released and the creator begins to promote it. Many people will get to know about the products and some will be interested in the product

These interested ones would want to read and watch reviews about the products. When they finally go to Google and search to the product review

Your site and or videos will pop up and they will get to read and watch and most likely buy the product through your affiliate links and you earn instantly earn comission



1. Look out for products that looks promising

Promising here is a combination of hot and lucrativeness. You must know the simple truth that not all product will be hot and also lucrative. You want to get good return for your effort. If you agree with this, hen you have to always keep track of products that meet this criteria

You can easily achieve this by being active in online forums related to your niche. This will greatly help you know what kind of products that people in the market will embrace and pay for.

For instance, if you are in the Internet Marketing Niche, good online forums to remain active in are Warrior forums and blackhatworld (my personal recommendation)

2. Buy a domain name

Well, as you already know. Having a website to promote affiliate products makes you appear serious and professional.

But this is the real catch, when setting up a site for your launch jacking venture. Do well to buy a domain names that’s very close to the product you want reveal or ones that has your product key words in it.


The reason is not far fetched. It’s simply for you to win the battle of ranking highest in the search engine when the product is being searched

However if you already have a established website. You may want to incorporate your launch Jacking business in it rather than creating a brand new site . This you can easily do by creating a separate page for it in your site

You can use both methods too

3. Start building your website around the product.

As expected, there will be limited information before and during the product release since the product is yet to be reviewed and that is what you want to do.


Hence, getting accurate and elaborate information about the product will require some serious research to push out a review that will be credible

How do you go about this?

Write about anything you can get about the said product.

You can talk about what inspired the products, the technologies employed in the product creation, the brain behind the products, the features of the products, The problem the product has come to solve, how the product will solve this problem and ultimately why the product should be chosen among the alternatives

You can contact the creators if you have the means and perhaps request for an interview about the products. This will be a huge plus on your review site or channel and will eventually help to boost your ranking

After all said and done, when the product is finally launched. Your website is expected to gain a high traction of traffic which means plenty of sales.

You will be surprised how much money you would make in few days of the launch (if you followed this steps and really optimized your site for search engine)

Repeat this process for other products and keep on making money with launch jacking.

This is the simple science of making money with launch jacking

Additional Tips To Increase Your Earning With Launch Jacking

Before I let you on the additional tips to better your lunch jacking business. Let me chip in that it is pertinent that you promote only high quality products that your buyers wouldn’t regret buying.

You do not necessarily have to promote every product you see.

The smart trick most smart launch jackers employ these days is to cash in on the launch of product to promote another product (with probably more profit margin)

For example if they are an affiliate for a product B that has a very high commission. They look for product A may be related and encourage readers that instead of investing their cash on product B, they should do that on product A.

Got the gist?


That said, here are few additional tips you require to excel in your launch jacking career.

  1. Build your email list

The importance and power of email list is something that can not be overemphasized. Email list is an asset every business (especially online business) who is concerned about suceedding shouldn’t take for granted.


Once you have your email, it becomes your own as long as you want. You promotes your products to them by sending them bulk emails to them whenever you feel like.

You don’t have to depend on your launch jacking sites to make sales as you will be making alot from your email list

How do you achieve this?

You simply create an account with any good autoresponder service. Create free digital products such eBook, reports, checklist or even softwares in your niche and use as baits.

Yes, when someone submits his or her email, you in turn give send then your lead magnet. In other words, you offer a value in place of emails

One smart way of achieving this faster after creating your lead magnet is to run a sponsored ad on it to get more subscribers at the shortest time

2. Create YouTube videos

YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world after Google. So it makes sense to create a presence in such a popular, powerful and huge platform.

Creating YouTube videos about the product you are promoting is very smart way to get more eyes and action on your your products which means more commission for you.

These will probably be just teaser trailers to funnel people in to your website. Familiarize yourself with the concepts of video SEO to ensure that your videos rank high for the pertinent search terms.

3. Create Social Media Presence

Almost every serious business is on social media hence creating social media presence such as facebook pages and instagram pages and keeping them lively and active can improve your launch jacking business greatly

These days, a lot of people are beginning to use social medias as search engine so creating a presence there can affect your your business very positively


If affiliate marketing has been going so well for you. Well, need I say more. You can strike your gold with launch jacking in 2020 and begin to make the kind of money you could only dream for in the past years from it

Your Turn

Take action, start your launch jacking business today and make money in 2020.

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