So you have finally decided to set up your blog or site and you are now being faced with the challenge of choosing the best among thousands of the free WordPress themes.

I ultimately assumed that WordPress is your choiced platform owing to its popularity and the amazing web designing possibilities and flexibilities that it offers.

When you read about starting your blog.You will be advised and guided on many things to do, the steps to follow, from choosing a niche, to choosing a platform, to selecting a web host, to picking a unique domain name etc. You were also told of the blogging mistakes to avoid

These and many more are great tips that without them, you may find blogging or running your site overwhelming. Nonetheless, I have to tell you that there are still little things in between these amazing tips that are often left out.

One of them that is so crucial to the success your blog or site and which is the focus of this post is your WordPress theme.


WordPress themes otherwise known as WordPress templates are sets of colours, fonts,shapes and other styling that controls the outlook or front-end (That which a user can see and interact with when in your site ) of a WordPress blog or site

They are basically that which define and control the overall feel and look of a WordPress site.

Originally, themes were built to just focus on giving styling to your sites but these days, most themes do more than just styling as they also add some kind of functionalities to your blog or site and that is why it is important to the features of a theme before installing it.

Themes are developed with two major files know as Index.php which is the main file and focus on controlling the theme’s actions and functions while the second is Style.css which controls the theme’s styling.

What Are The Benefits Of WordPress Themes

  • They give beauty to your site and this can help to attract visitors
  • They guide you in the arrangement of your blog or site’s contents
  • They can help one’s blog or site to rank high in the search engine such as Google due to some Google algorithm updates

What To Look Out For When Choosing a WordPress Theme

  • Do ensure to get it from a reliable and trusted developer or theme market place such as Elegant themes, Themeforest or MOJO Marketplace
  • Make sure that the theme has super clean codes. You can get an ideas of this by reading up the reviews online
  • Ensure the theme is fully responsive (mobile friendly) hence showing well on different screen sizes of any device
  • Make sure that it is built with SEO in mind .

Now lets get down to the real deal!…

What I intend to show you with this post is not how and where to buy premium themes but some free WordPress themes that will make your blog or site stand out and look highly professional. This is me proving that you do not have to break a bank to get a great WordPress theme.

Before I proceed, let me quickly debunk the wrong notion that all paid WordPress themes are better that all free WordPress themes. Most times, more money isn’t more or better value.

Today, thousands of free WordPress themes have been built by developers all around the world and new ones are still being built on a daily basis.

While this is great as many options now abound, the challenge however is choosing a particular one out of these thousands that will give your blog or site that pro look.

It is for this purpose that I have outlined for you top ten free WordPress themes that when twisted creatively well, can give you the best front-end design you desire.

Note that most of these themes have their pro version that you can pay to upgrade to. However, I recommend these free versions which also have many great features for beginners and those on tight budget.

Let me emphasize again that some free themes can give you more value than paid ones. It all boils down to your designing prowess.

Here are the top ten free WordPress themes carefully picked and recommended by experts in the game for you.

1. Bento

Bento WordPress theme ( a free WordPress template )

Bento is one beautiful, strong and versatile free WordPress theme packed with awesome customization tools and other tons of great features. It is highly compatible with many page builders

With its unlimited color and fonts options coupled with your designing expertise. You can create very charming and amazing websites or blogs for yourself and clients. For its high responsiveness and great optimization for SEO and speed, It is a blogger”s choice

2. Astra

Astra WordPress theme ( a free WordPress tempate )

Astra is a lightweight and fully customizable free WordPress theme that’s well suited for personal blogs, portfolios, business blogs, and online stores. It has a perfect compatibility with virtually all the popular page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder,Divi Etc etc

With Astra, you can create a blog or a site in your language. This is possible with its translation feature. The lightweightness and it’s incomparable speed is it’s greatest selling point and what it prides itself with.


If you are looking for speed, beauty and simplicity, Astra is your sure bet


OceanWP WordPress theme ( a free WordPress theme )

OceanWp is the one of the most powerful and feature packed free wordPress theme. You can barely find some of its great features even in some paid themes and this has made it to be one of the best free WordPress theme

With its richness of features that are premium-like. OceanWp is your best bet for your next web designing project. The downside of this theme is that it may not be easy to make maximal use all of its great features for a total beginner.

It comes with some plugins and also an option to install one of the most popular page builder called Elementor. You have the possibility of creating any type of websites such as blogs, magazines, business websites, e-commerce store etc wit

The beauty of Oceanwp is that despite it tons of features. It is still lightweight hence very fast and highly responsive.

If you are looking for a multi-purpose theme with plethora of customization tools, Cease your search for the answer to your search is OceanWp


GeneratePress WordPress theme ( a free WordPress design )

GeneratePress is another powerful yet lightweight and free WordPress theme built with a focus on speed and usability.

It is most suitable for those who love to make use of page builders as it is fully compatible and works perfectly with all the major ones which are Elementor, Divi and Beaver builder

GeneratePress is fully responsive and also supports Woocommerce. You want to try it out for your next project


Maxwell WordPress theme ( a free WordPress theme )

Maxwell is a minimalistic and classy free WordPress theme that comes with different post layouts and flamboyant featured posts.

It has an extra- clean and elegant design with fine topography and uses white space that makes your content super-clean and legible.

Maxwell is developed with clean and fast code that makes it optimized for speed as well as SEO. It has been developed with high layout responsiveness that ensures your blog or site looks great on the screen sizes of any device

It was designed in simple way with user experience in mind so even a total beginner can find his way around it


Nisarg WordPress theme ( a free theme )

Nisarg is a simple but appealing free WordPress theme that comes with a sharp layout and has easily customizable theme options such as custom backgrounds and colours,

It is translation ready and fully responsive theme and is especially suitable for creative websites such as recipe blogs, travel blogs, photography blogs etc


Wisteria WordPress theme ( a free WordPress theme )

Wisteria is an elegant and clean blog and magazine free WordPress theme built with a super clean HTML5 and CSS3 codes .


It is a fully responsive theme that has a clean and easy design that even a total beginner can play around with

Despite its simplicity, it is still versatile and well optimized for SEO. It is built for bloggers, freelancers, authors, photographers etc.

8. Hestia

Hestia WordPress theme ( a free WordPress theme )

Hestia is a modern and powerful free WordPress theme that comes with a multipurpose layout design.

It however suits creative,small and corporate businesses, freelancers and online portfolios

Hestia is fully responsive and developed with SEO in mind.

9. Responsive mobile

Responsive mobile WordPress theme  ( a free WordPress template )

Another powerful yet simple free wordpress theme with user friendly theme options that gives one ease of full control

Responsive mobile is compatible with WooCommerce and supports Language translation . It is optimized well for search engines and compatibles across different modern browsers

10. Hueman

Hueman WordPress theme ( a free WordPress theme)

It’s one of the most popular free wordpress themes. It comes with flexible colors, plenty design options and multiple page layout options and tons of other wonderful features

Another great but free wordpress theme that comes with a fully responsive layout and plenty of other wonderful features.

It is most suitable for blogs and magazine sites and boast of powering over 60 thousand websites all over the world

With Hueman themes, you do not need an extra related post plugins as it comes with that by default. hence it displays related posts blow every post


Usually, it is a big problem when one has limited options to choose from but with free wordpress themes, there are too many options to choose from and this becomes a bigger problem.

It is this challenge that this post has so extensively addressed by giving you the top 10 free wordpress themes for your next web designing project.

Do ensure that you install these themes from the directory as all the themes there have been properly veted out by the teams behind WordPress

Any of the above free themes above can make your blog or site stand out by giving it a professional look.

Note that paid themes have their own awesome benefits but with good designing expertise and powerful free wordpress themes like the ones here. You do not have to break a bank to get a site with a pro design

Your Turn

I am sure your confusion about what wordpress themes to choose has been solved. That is to say this post has been valuable to you. Why not share to family and friends

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